We feel very fortunate to work with great clients and trades. Here are some words from clients we have built homes for and trades with whom we work. 


- Tilly

We've been in our new home for 1.5 years now and we often comment on how perfectly the house meets our needs and has exceeded our expectations. The quality of construction and finishing is superb; it doesn't get any better. Building a new home has its ups and downs but we appreciate it's a process and the result speaks for itself: exceptional workmanship evident in both the exterior and interior of our home. Ewa was instrumental in designing and choosing the exterior finishes. She spent a lot of time creating 3D drawings to help us visualize choices for the exterior. There were so many decisions to make, big and small: windows, baseboard, doors, etc., and Ewa and Andrew always took the time to make suggestions to ensure the best outcome would be achieved. We were also impressed by Metro's responsiveness to warranty issues. When we first moved into the house, there were, of course, some small issues ... very normal with a new home ... but all were resolved in a professional, expeditious manner. We highly recommend Homes by Metro because of the unparalleled quality home they built for us. Thank you Ewa and Andrew.


- Towne & Countree Kitchens: Alana Loranger

A kitchen I worked on for Metro "changed my view on kitchen design. I was working for a different company basically pushing paper and trying to make the cheapest spaces possible (production builders all the way), when Homes by Metro showed up and challenged my mind in every way possible. As a small custom builder with European inspiration, back in the day it wasn't something I understood, but it really made me excited....I knew I couldn't go back - I need to work somewhere that inspired me. Kitchens don't need to be cookie cutter and everyone deserves more than one drawer. For real!"

- Specialized Stair & Rail: Heather Fritz

"Specialized Stair and Rail has been designing, building, and installing custom stair and railing for Metro for years. They are so well organized and highly invest in each home they build."



- Jennifer

"We have been thrilled with our home and the continued service Andrew provides to ensure we are happy with our purchase. In sum, he is conscientious, pays great attention to detail, and best of all, kind and responsive."



- Shannon and Sarah

"We so enjoyed building our home with Ewa and Andrew! For years we had dreamed of the ideal layout for our home but didn’t want to give up our neighborhood. Right from the start, Metro showed us how easy and possible it would be to attain our dreams. The construction process was stress-free for us as Metro takes care of everything. We just celebrated the growth of our home week after week. Move-out to completion took less than 10 months! They always made us feel welcome to ask questions and voice concerns we weren’t sure we should have. Our eccentricities were honoured and shaped in ways so as to maintain resale value. The home is so well-built that our home inspector and another home builder were raving about the workmanship. After we moved in, we were asked to keep a list of any little details that we were concerned about as Andrew had workers coming in to perfect the project over the first year. We found ourselves walking around looking for minute visible brush strokes in the paint as we couldn’t find any major flaws. Their work is beautiful and we felt badly about having to stay within a tight budget but Metro always found ways to keep the home looking modern. We regularly receive compliments from neighbors and passers-by. Now, almost 2 years later and well-past the warranty year, Andrew and Ewa are both generous about helping out whenever we have questions. Having an open space and studio have changed our lives in the way we entertain, take more staycations and work more creatively. Thanks Metro!"


- Karen

"We have built with three other home builders in the past and this was, hands down, the best building experience we've had. The design phase was a very collaborative process. Andrew and Ewa really listened to what we were trying to achieve and offered a variety of cost options to get us there. Metro was very realistic in cost estimations and offered us generous allowances. We even came in $14,000 under budget which was awesome to use towards landscaping and window coverings! Andrew and Ewa are very knowledgeable about the infill process and associated bylaws, which is something very few builders have a good working knowledge of. Communication was smooth and easy and Metro was very open to us emailing them for questions and concerns. I could always count on Metro to listen to my concerns and work together to come to a solution. They caught mistakes that I wasn't aware of and fixed them on their own. Our house is stunning and we have gotten many people knocking on our door asking who built it. We feel strongly about keeping Edmonton's core neighborhoods strong and healthy and with Metro's help, we feel we really have contributed to revitalizing our neighborhood! Thanks Metro!"


- Janice

"Overall I was very impressed with Metro. They fulfilled all its promises and obligations. The basement development was finished on time, and slightly under budget. I felt like there was clear communication during the entire process. When we had our house inspected prior to purchase, the inspector and my realtor commented on the quality of the construction, indicating that in many ways the house was overbuilt. Our house is located in Ritchie, where Andy has several projects. He is well known in our community and well-liked. I would unconditionally recommend the company. I hope to work with them again in the future."


- Kelly and Cam

"Eva and Andrew are both just really easy-going. They're good to work with. They were more than happy to take us through the house at any point to be part of what was going on. Their strengths are getting everything to completion without any problems. They were really organized, and definitely got things finished on time. Their personalities were really positive. They gave us a lot of options. They let us compare prices and different products and suppliers to choose from. Another strength was their responsiveness. They responded so quickly to email. And with every email, they attached pictures from previous homes they did. They were really good with problem-solving. The bathroom mirror was a certain height, but it came in wrong, so they recommended we throw in backsplash to fill in the area – and it worked out better than would've in the first place!"